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The title TRAUMLANDS comes from the translation of dreamlands in German, in
which the word TRAUM has the meaning of DREAM and assonance with
The work incorporates partnerships with Young Bristol. Eastside Community Trust, PRSC, Dareshack and Wheal Martyn to facilitate the workshops and projections of the final artwork.

By animating the collages, I
aim to make a bridge from the characters’ trauma depicted in historical
paintings to a cooperatively crafted dreamland in which they’re liberated.

process of sourcing and compiling the images involves: indepth discussions
with experts about origins/symbolism of transformed creatures (dragons,deer, boar, bear, whale, chimera).


During the workshops the young people have freedom to explore mixed
media collage through the transformation of creatures and creation of
dreamworlds to be safely inhabited by them.
A unique opportunity to explore transformation and
imagination in a safe space.

After the workshops, I will be incorporating the work created by the participants into my own interpetation in a form of stop-motion animation.

We will showcase the final animation indoors and outdoors together with partner organizations.