Where does it all start?

Scattered words and loosely stringed sentences swim and swirl in the ocean of my Mind.

The first step is to put them on paper, give them a shape. A shape in space. Once that ink has touched the surface, the clock starts ticking.

Something infinite and intangible becomes real and mortal.

The same thing happens to the incredible amount of paper creatures that penetrate my soul through my eyeballs.

They hold hands and travel together leaving rapidly fading traces on the back of my bouncy retinas. Then my hands obey the instinct by assembling and disassembling those traces with a light touch and a steady gluing.

The energy sourced through pores and eyeballs is transformed into something mortal that breaths with its imperceptible rhythm to a hectic body.

This magical world can be touched, smelt, and tasted through a wonderful array of mortal objects. This is the most ethical and environmentally friendly process.

All the production steps of each mortal object have been researched and evaluated to be respectful to human lives and our planet by fairly paying for every service and using non-harmful materials.