Selket Organic Cotton Patch


Selket in the Egyptian Mythology is the Scorpion Goddess

To all, mortals and gods alike, I say:
My protection lasts through life,
into death and beyond.
Know My creatures,
know My hand,
feel Me throughout
the desert’s sand

Proundly 100 % Organic Cotton Patch 156gsm.

Ink is water based and not toxic.

Dimesions: 30cmx16cm (extra large ideal as a back patch)

The edges are raw cut and It is easy to sew or simply pin to your backpack, flag, quilt, vest, tote bag, scarf and anything you can ever imagine!

The choice is yours!

Please note that there is NO adhesive webbing on the back of this patch.

Posted with care, love, safely minimal packaging. Free Shipping in UK.



*Poem by Heathwitch