Hello dear WebWanderer,

I’m Axe, an eclectic artist with a knack for unraveling myths & mysteries of the world through papercuts, performances and sounds.

“The only status I understand is that of strangeness. To live wherever you were not born. To speak a language that is not your own and to make it vibrate with another accent, to make your words grammatically correct, but phonetically deviant.”*

My main goal as an artist is to feel the totality of things as being part of myself with boundless apocalyptic optimism.

This feeling resides in the conviction that to be alive is to bear witness to an era, and thus to feel responsible, vitally and passionately responsible for the collective fate of the planet.* This also means using recycled and sustainable resources in my artwork and in my workshops.

The power of Aracne’s web and its impact on our interconnected lives has always fascinated me. As an artist, I strive to bring people together through my work and create spacious times defined by the principles of complexity, singularity, intensity and affect.*

So, whether you’re a fellow artist, environmentalist, or just someone looking for some thought-provoking and  raw surreal expression, welcome to my world!

* * * * *


*Fragments from "An apartment on Uranus" by Paul B. Preciado

Polyglot artist & dreamer,
Moldavian roots,
Italian stem,
unidentified leaves,
Surreal flowers.

Axenia Raulet is a multidisciplinary artist that expresses themselves by the means of visual arts, music and performance.

They specialize in Analogue Art inspired by the unusual and fantastic to create surreal & absurd worlds. Bizarre creatures will seek out your hungry eyes eager to explore your subconscious imagination.

They have been creating collages since early childhood and spent their adolescence in the cradle of art – Florence. They hold a BA Hons in Intercultural Mediation from University of Rome La Sapienza and MD in Didactics from Bologna University Alma Mater.

They have just successfully completed The Arts Council funded Traumlands Project, a reflection on the origins of sufferance through analysis of historical paintings depicting violence.

Founder of Octopus Odyssey Collage Club, a monthly event providing a friendly inclusive environment to indulge in surreal and absurd conversations while sipping on a cuppa, cutting & pasting as much as your heart desires.


Solo Exhibitions

The 1920 Collection, 4-17th April 2022, Cass Art, Bristol

Wild Mind, 21st August – December, Space 238, Bristol

Group Exhibitions

Changes, Circular Artspace – January 2023, Virtual Space

People’s Art Fair – December 2022, PRSC, Bristol

People’s Art Fair – Septembre 2022, PRSC, Bristol

People’s Art Fair – Activist Edition, April 2022, PRSC, Bristol

Winter People’s Art Fair, December 2021, PRSC, Bristol

Positive Projections, Winter 2020-21, Eastside Community Trust, Bristol

Mycorrhiza Natures Networks, April 2021, Mycorrhiza Collective, London

The Metamorphosis, December 2020, The Holy Art, London

Home, May 2020, PRSC, Bristol

Open Exhibition, March 2020, PRSC, Bristol

Modern Love, February 2020, PRSC, Bristol