Axenia Raulet is a polyglot artist & dreamer sans espoir with an irrepressible impulsion to create in order to remain sane.

Moldavian roots, italian stem, unidentified leaves and surreal flowers.

Specialized in Analog Collage, Photography, ink illustrations. She inspires herself from human anatomy books, barely imaginable beings inventaries and atlas obscura archives to create surreal & absurd worlds and bizarre creatures for those hungry eyes eager to explore the subconscious imaginary.

“When I am not making collages, you can find me recording sounds from pans, pots or grass hoppers. My passions extend from absurd literature and clowning to anarchic cooking and human and animal rights advocating.”

Instagram: @octopus_odyssey


Modern Love, February 2020, PRSC, Bristol

Open Exhibition, March 2020, PRSC, Bristol

Home, May 2020, PRSC, Bristol

The Metamorphosis, December 2020, The Holy Art, London

Mycorrhiza Natures Networks – April 2021, Mycorrhiza Collective, London